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The Swallow and the Blue Bird

Greet the new year – greet the “Lightbringer”

The dark season is over, the days are getting longer.
Tonight the window to the other world closes – for 12 rough nights the borders were open for beings from other worlds.
Accompanied by storm and cold, many slept restlessly: “Be aware of what appeared to you in your dreams since Christmas Eve.”

The Swallow and the Blue Bird” tells a very special version of the incarnation of Lucifer.
Hear for yourself how “Lux Ferre – the Lightbringer” with his visit to earth overrides the laws of nature, demons devastate the Garden of Eden, gods fear for their power and love also means letting go.

Let yourself be drawn into the spell of this story, accompanied by powerful riffs, dark sounds, longing melodies and profound lyrics.

Welcome the new year, look forward to the symbiosis of light and darkness.

Three exhausting years lie behind us.
A time in which we left the classical band structures behind us and yet were busy with the thought of taking them up again.
A time in which we had to part with old companions in order to emerge stronger with new ones.
A time in which we wrote and recorded this album, which is finally finished!

The Swallow and the Blue Bird” is now available for download on Amazon, Google Play Music, Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. In addition you can order a limited CD (10€ + packing & shipping, as long as stock lasts) via e-mail (contact[at]oblivionskiss[.]de) or our Facebookpage.

Important! The German Post has prohibited the shipping of goods outside of Germany in normal shipping bags.
We have to send the CD as a package, which is much more expensive.
Therefore we recommend everyone outside of Germany to buy the digital version at Amazon, Bandcamp or iTunes.

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