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At European Metal Channel we have landed under the top albums in January, thank you very much!

Review: The Swallow and the Blue Bird

“This is music for people who think that My Dying Bride are ruthlessly commercial.” – Apocalypse Later (8/10) Here is our first review to “The Swallow and the Blue Bird”…

To all who want to buy the CD outside of Germany!

Important! The German Post has prohibited the shipping of goods outside of Germany in normal shipping bags. We have to send the CD as a package, which is much more…

The Swallow and the Blue Bird

Greet the new year – greet the “Lightbringer” The dark season is over, the days are getting longer. Tonight the window to the other world closes – for 12 rough…

The Pain Fucktory Interview

Our first interview with THE PAIN FUCKTORY Magazine from South America, the whole thing took place last year, so it’s not up to date. http://thepainfucktory.com/entrevista_oblivions_kiss.htm


Who we are


Oblivions Kiss found its origin in the murky waters of Hamburg in November 2012. Initiated by Ingo, a few allies heard the call and joined the project: Tobias behind the microphone, Malte behind the drum kit as well as Tom who has emphasize deep tones and vocals.
Together they shared their own vision of black and white yet hard music and strived for it.

After years impacted by storm and stress , the first album “Aeons of Silence” found its way into the wide hemispheres in 2015 in a changing constellation in order to ram a first pole of existence into the ground at the same time.

But even at that time, the works were already being carried out on an even more complex work. A work that doesn’t just pack individual small fragments of ideas into songs, but rather wants to tell a story, that wants to be heard.
Together with Jule, who has been vocally underlining the musical landscape with her voice since 2017, Ingo and Tom have created the second album “The Swallow and the Blue Bird”, which was released at the beginning of 2019, in a team of three.

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Oblivion´s Kiss - Lux Ferre (Official Lyric Video)

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