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Aeons of Silence Lyrics Neu

The Ghost of My Hope

The clock strikes the hour and I fail to rise
will my heart beat again when the time is right?
When darkness is nigh, don’t weep for me
The ghost of my hope always walks beside me
those eyes in the dark that freeze my soul
with fear I take my steps towards this uncertain day
no one will be there, should I fall
I have walked my path, in solitude lies atonement
let me wander alone as I wither beneath the clouds
A basin filled with bloody tears
a house without a living soul in it
a clearing draped in mist
a forest, home to spirits of loss
This is the final hour
there is no escape
there is nothing you can do
this is my gift unto you

My Dear

There’s your fate carved in stone
feel your hate carry you home
no more lies; hear my truth
I came for you; come and take my hand
I have a way of keeping you near
you have a way of treating me, my dear
Your blue lips; already cold
stir in me my desire
you failed me; I failed you
trust is gone and so are you
Why did you come running back to this place?
you could have kept away and stayed save
Don’t think I did not hear your cries
I’ll make you pay for all of your lies
My dear, drowned in shattered tears
Forlorn I turn me inside out


Save your prayers for me
don’t go down to deep
when I come around
take the time and stay
Even this sacrifice doesn’t last for eternity
A fading name
I can’t claim,
That anyone will miss me
Drown in me
feel free here
drown in me
give yourself
Take a step into the air
feel the noose around your neck
watch the hangman smile
I’ll die for my crimes
Soulless I cry
Rain, endless rain hammers on my senses
Torn apart inside
Drain, endless drain canalizing this awareness

The Flowing Sea

Her letter slips through my fingers
the words that cast a shadow on my heart
the cold winds of the sea on my face
as I stand where she has made her decision
The flowing sea pulls me under
in waves of merciless dark-blue
held by the ocean’s coldest embrace
my lungs are filled with liquid death
Now my time has come to an end
And the ocean swallows my soul
My heart weeps for your sacrifice
As death takes me in
She betray me, walks against me
She have my heart in her hands
She betray me walks against me
Now she is dead and gone

March of the Forgotten

I can’t seem to find an exit
I can’t seem to find the answer
I can’t seem to find myself
There is a void buried deep inside my mind
There is a smile I fail to remember
I have walked beneath your radiant light
I have trampled over your faith
I can’t seem to find your crown
I can’t seem to find what I’ve lost
I can’t seem to find my cure

A Tomb Among the Oaks

Circle of crows, bed of worms, my soul to rest, your son returns to the fold
Holy heathen mother, weary bones, oaken tomb, your child is coming home
Cold arms, my hearse, carry me on to whence I came
Ancient ancestral wasteland, I’m bound to this habitat
With heavy steps I stride into the woods
I follow the trail one last time
Sacred forest grave
I lay my weary head to rest, my last bed of soil
and rock the roots shall take my body
as I become one with the earth
Conceive my dead hand behind
While shiver climbs up the aggrieved mind
Can’t let me down as I’m teared
Scourging the rest of me, I am so scared
Finally this burden of life remains shattered
And scattered as fractured, a mental suicide
A dry throat, even the fountain of devoid vigor,
shall not be able to irrigate this wasteland
Withering in the natural casket
A farewell for ever and ever and ever lost to devoid vigor

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