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The story of Oblivions Kiss starts in Hamburg in the fall of 2012 with Ingo, who was sitting on a pile of unused songs and material far too good to be left rotting on his hard-drive.
As chance had it, Tobias was looking for a home for his voice around the same time and so, it did not take them long to meet up and discover the fact that they were onto something with these songs.
Soon, the idea grew and both of them knew from very early on that they wanted to create a sound that would carry on the sonic bloodline of 90’s Gothic/Doom bands such as My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost,
Anathema and Katatonia, with their very own individual fabric thrown into the mix of course.


With this mission in their minds, they started to look for reinforcements among their peers and with the help of Malte on the battery, the boat sailed out of the living room and into the rehearsal space, so to say.
For a while, as is often the case with bands nowadays, a number of people came and went, the good with the bad, but nonetheless, the initial gang prevailed until they found a worthy fellow warrior in the shape of Tom, who was able to complete the band’s sound with his unique bass
playing and his powerful growls.




Shortly before the start of the first set of recordings, Tobias relocated to Berlin and was forced to temporarily leave the Band as well as Malte, who had to quit due to a lack of time.
Tom and Ingo carried on nonetheless, trying to make it work with a few different vocalists, while finally taking Oblivions Kiss on to the stage with their first gig.
While the search for members and session musicians grew tiresome, the gang decided to turn Oblivions Kiss into a studio project and thus, Tobias was able to return to the band and with him back in the fold, the band finished the recording session for their debut record Aeons of Silence, which was subsequently released in december of 2015.